less CO2 produced per pound compared to beef
1 American Mushroom Institute, on Sustainability

Our planet is pretty resilient. But soon there’ll be around 10 billion of us. If things don’t change quickly — and in a big way — there simply won’t be enough food to go around.

Many new products are rushing into the market to address our food needs. But most of them focus on imitating existing foods, contain mystery ingredients and are costly to make.


Rooted in natural forms and simplicity, Mamu pays respect to the power of mushrooms — known since ancient times as a source of food and health. By combining this ancient knowledge with modern science and gastronomic know-how, Mamu delivers the nutrition required for today and into the future.

Soy Free
Rich in amino acids
High in fiber
Planet friendly

Mushrooms — a planet friendly food


less freshwater consumption compared to other vegetables


less land required to grow compared to soy

“We created Mamu to nourish the world, and be something that chefs would feel good about cooking with.”

Srijith Gopinathan
Chief Culinary Officer

Our Leadership team

Nirmal Nair
Founder & CEO
Srijith Gopinathan
chief culinary
Dr. Dennis Desjardin
chief mycologist
& fun guy

Mamu is a creation of Sempera Organics, a fungi based ingredients company based in Silicon Valley, CA. Find out more about the team that created Mamu HERE.